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Atlantic Fish Co Unveils World’s First Cultivated Black Sea Bass

Raleigh, North Carolina—Atlantic Fish Co is proud to announce a breakthrough in cellular agriculture. In partnership with the North Carolina Food Innovation Lab (NCFIL), Atlantic Fish Co has developed the world’s first cultivated black sea bass prototype, marking a pivotal step towards sustainable seafood production. The product tasting was held at NCFIL’s facility in Kannapolis, North Carolina.


Atlantic Fish Co has developed proprietary technology to develop high-performing fish cell lines that can grow in liquid suspension. This represents a leap towards reducing the carbon footprint associated with traditional fishing methods. With seafood production currently responsible for 718 million metric tons of CO2 equivalent emissions annually, the company’s innovation is a critical response to an urgent global challenge.

"Developing the world’s first cultivated black sea bass is a win for our company and consumers who want sustainable, ethical seafood," said Doug Grant, CEO of Atlantic Fish Co. “We will provide seafood that is also free of mercury, antibiotics, or microplastics.”

The NC Food Innovation Lab is renowned for its advanced food processing equipment, expert food scientists, and extensive network of partners across North Carolina. As the nation’s only facility with cGMP capabilities dedicated to plant-based food innovators, NCFIL has been a key partner for Atlantic Fish Co’s groundbreaking work.


“Atlantic Fish Co recognizes the need to develop sustainable protein products to feed our increasing global population in coming decades,” said Bill Aimutis, Executive Director of NCFIL. “Our team at NCFIL is excited about working with Atlantic Fish Co and other companies in this emerging technology area.”

Atlantic Fish Co is now working on its next milestone: lowering the cost of cultivated seafood through the development of growth media customized for black sea bass and offering product tasting events to restaurant partners.


For more information about Atlantic Fish Co and its partnership with the North Carolina Food Innovation Lab, please contact:

About Atlantic Fish Co:

Atlantic Fish Co is a Raleigh, North Carolina-based startup dedicated to revolutionizing the seafood industry through cellular agriculture. By developing sustainable, cultivated seafood, the company aims to meet the growing global demand while addressing the environmental challenges of traditional fishing methods.

About the North Carolina Food Innovation Lab (NCFIL):

The North Carolina Food Innovation Lab is a food technology research and development facility that offers the latest processing equipment, expert food scientists, and an extensive network of partners. Dedicated to supporting plant-based food innovators, NCFIL provides vital resources for companies and entrepreneurs aiming to bring their products to market efficiently and effectively.






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