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Senior Tissue Engineer


We believe company culture is critical to success. Our mission is ambitious and will only be successful if we create a place where people love going to work.  We’re creating a diverse and inclusive culture that respects each other, is relentless in pursuit of our mission, and has a sense of urgency. We seek to find common ground and empathy. We take risks, own mistakes, hold ourselves and each other accountable, and pick each other up when there are setbacks. 

Why join us

  • Immediate responsibility on day 1 to impact our success

  • Competitive salary, health insurance, and equity stake

  • Opportunity for rapid advancement


You believe with your finite time that you want to work on something important. You are committed to impacting the future of protein and pioneering a new industry. You are a diligent self-starter who thrives doing hands-on laboratory work. Startup life is in your DNA and you value being part of a tight-knit team. You’re assertive and have opinions on how things should be done, but can also listen and learn from others. 

You will be our subject matter expert for tissue engineering to develop muscle, fat, and connective tissue. Desired experience includes:

  • Capable of designing, troubleshooting, and executing multiple experiments concurrently and independently

  • Cell culture expertise with primary cell and pluripotent stem cell lines (bonus if you’ve worked with fish cells)  

  • Experience with cell-based imaging as well as cellular and biochemical assays, e.g. fluorescence staining and microscopy, flow cytometry, qRT-PCR, RNA-seq, ELISA and/or Western blotting

  • Experience in molecular biology techniques and/or tissue engineering

  • Working knowledge of different approaches to scaffolding (bonus if you have worked with edible scaffolds)

  • MS degree with at least 2 years of experience or a PhD in cell biology, molecular biology, biophysics, bioengineering, chemical engineering or equivalent discipline

Key Responsibilities

  • Establishing and / or maintaining fish primary cell lines, including isolation, expansion, and differentiation

  • Optimize cell growth and differentiation through DOE

  • Analyze experimental samples by light microscopy, fluorescence-based immunoassays, colorimetric assays, and molecular biology assays

  • Analyze and present data to the CSO, and communicate recommendations and ideas for future research efficiently

  • Develop new innovative ways to biologically recapitulate meat muscle and adipose tissues in vitro

  • Identify and maintain collaborations regarding various technologies that can advance our product concepts

  • Lead junior scientists and research associates

Thanks for applying! We’ll be in touch soon.

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